Find out who you are in 5 minutes!

game pic If you enjoy playing games, this test is right for you. You will have a lot of fun and you may also uncover some hidden mysteries about others. That you don´t believe me? Try it! You might be surprised.

There is no right or wrong answer. Dream for few minutes and let the imagination work. You can write down the answers or just remember them. Focus on details. It does not have to make sense. The best is to play it with your friends and compare the results. So let’s begin. 1. Imagine a desert so wide that your eye cannot see the end. In the desert is a cube. Your first task is to describe the cube. How big is it? From which material? What is the color and consistence? Where is it located? 2. That was easy, right? So let’s move to the next one. You are looking on the desert and cube and you notice a ladder there. Second task is to describe the ladder. What is it made of? Is it robust or fragile? What is the position towards the cube? 3. Now add to the image a horse. (Yes, I know it is a desert, but no one said, it should make sense). Describe the horse. What is his position towards the cube? How does he look like? What is he doing? 4. We are almost done. 🙂 Your penultimate task is to imagine flowers and describe them. Where are they located, how they look like, how many are there, what is the connection to horse and cube? 5. So in this moment you should have a desert with cube, horse, ladder and flower(s), correct? Finally, imagine a storm. What kind of storm is it? How far or close to cube and horse? How damaging or peaceful is it? If you came so far you are about to learn something interesting. But I should warn you, once you read the results your ability to play is damaged forever. So if you were just reading thru, go back and try it now.


The cube is you

The size of the cube relates to your certainty or uncertainty. Small cubes means you are unsure of yourself, big one means certainty, very large may refer to how egocentric you are. The material relates to your openness, see thru cubes represent open people with clear values, opaque are more protective of their thoughts. Is your cube shiny? Than you are a positive person who tries to make others happy. Made of stone? You might be more protective and resilient.The trick is that if you are asked to imagine an abstract object – your mind tries to project its own identity into it.

The ladder represents your friends

Is the ladder leaning to the cube? Then your friends depend on you and are close. Is the ladder strong or fragile? Is it tall or small? Does it lie on the sand far from the cube? I think you can make your own conclusions.

The horse represents your partner – real or imaginary

The type of horse shows a lot about what are you looking for in a partner. Some people are imagining a beautiful horse full of life, some steady work horse and others unicorn or pegasus. It is up to you to make conclusions. More interesting might be how the horse behaves towards the cube. Is he turning the back on it? Is he affectionately touching it or biting it or is he inside to be protected from the desert?

The flowers represent children

The number of flowers relates on how many children you wish to have. Some people might see only one flower and others might see many flowers all over the cube and horse. The color and vitality of the flowers relates to the happiness and prosperity. The placement towards the cube and horse might reveal interesting ideas. Does the horse eat the flowers?

The storm represents threat

This refers to the current state of the person and how they perceive risk in life. Some might see a distant storm moving away from the cube and horse, some may find the storm as thunderous apocalypse with flash and ice hailstones pelting their fragile cube and horse. Those people might be in a difficult situation in their life. How does this work? People tend to project themselves onto abstract objects as cube, their affections onto animals (horse), their need to nurture into something which requires a care (flowers), ladder resemblance the support of friends and storm a sense of danger or worries. So is it all correct? Of course not. This is a game, although this kind exists in various forms for thousands years. And if nothing else, you will have a laugh and may start a deep conversation with a friend or partner about their dreams and goals in life.