New Year's resolutions


Many people make New Year’s resolutions every end of a year. I was always thinking of it, a bit as a cliché. Sure, from now on everything will be different. We won’t drink alcohol anymore, we will stop smoking, we will exercise every day, find better job and become rich. But usually New Year’s resolutions don’t last for long. But this year I made few but even more than ever before. So, should we change our life completely starting 1st of January or is it foolish?To look back into the past year has definitely some meaning. What have I achieved last year? What have I started and have to complete this year? What did not go exactly as I expected and I have to do differently next time? Everyone interprets the end of a year in his own way. Most of us will probably, in a bit nostalgic way, think about the most important things we experienced. If the last year was a hard one, we can be proud that we survived. If it was successful, we can look forward to continue towards the same direction. If you belong to the group of people who are lazy and not very consistent, as me, here are few tips on how to fulfill the New Year’s resolutions. 1. Do not make too many radical resolutions at the same time. If you decide to quit smoking, to stop drinking alcohol, to start running 10km every day and lose 10kg in 3 months, your mind won’t be able to cope with all the stress. Let’s try to make small changes, step by step, they will kick-start the rest. 2. Do not set extreme goals which will lose their meaning with one mistake. If you set resolution to never put a cigarette into our mouth again it is very likely that with one slip you will dismiss the promise completely. The same is with everyday exercise. Let’s try instead of “quit” to use “reduce”, instead of “exercise every day” to use “move more”. That can mean everyday one cigarette less but also half of the amount or no smoking at all. Same is with the exercise. We can train for marathon or climb the stairs instead of using the elevator. 3. Write everything on a piece of paper. If you invent many great resolutions on New Year’s Eve it is possible that the next day they won’t make much sense as it is when you drink few glasses of wine. It is OK to wait till you get back to your old habits and have time to think carefully of what you want to achieve. Once written on paper you can go back to them later on and check out what you have already fulfilled or make some new resolutions. 4. Don’t forget about resolutions which will make you happy even they are not essential for your life. I divided mine into 3 categories: Most important, important and just for fun. If you make only resolutions which are not entertaining you may not even start with them. But if you put down things which will make you happy on their own, you will achieve them easier. Into my “for fun” category fall: to help an unknown person, to do something brand new, to break rules, to engage in some activity as volunteer etc. Try anything: holidays in the mountains, learn how to dance, cook Indian food… 5. Reward yourself for what you have achieved. It’s not important if the reward will be a party with your friends, a new piece of clothes or a nice evening with your partner. You don’t have to wait until someone realizes that you have achieved something. You can enthusiastically talk about what you have achieved and what adventures you came across. Who knows, maybe you will motivate your friends to join you. 6. The last advise is very easy – to start. It is not important where or how. The important part is to do the first step in some direction. In the end you might realize, that it is much easier than you expected. Whatever New Year’s resolutions you have, do not be too strict with yourself. Focus more on strengthening the good habits than eliminating the negative ones. The changes will come in no time. Happy New Year!