What is the name of the German...


What is the name of the German who is hiding my things? I’m sure you have heard this joke. And you probably have laughed at it even if someone from your neighborhood suffers from Alzheimer.

The civilization diseases are starting to be part of our life – until it knocks on our own door. It is enough to turn on the television, open a newspaper or go out on the street . I myself come from an average Czech family. One grandmother suffered from late dementia, the other from dementia of the Alzheimer type. I guess it is also waiting for me there. I have to say that my grandmothers lived relatively happily in a family environment, until their deaths.. When Alois Alzheimer diagnosed this disease in the early 20th century, it was an unusual and rare handicap. With the extension of the age and the growing number of seniors it becomes one of the most common causes of death. Although not yet known what causes it, the number grows with age. Every 5th person over 80 suffers from Alzheimer’s, and these cheerless rankings are headed by women.

How to avoid this disease as long as possible? Here are a few recommendations. Do not be fooled that they might sound trivial, try to go through and really think about it:

  • Pay attention to the composition of your diet. § Be active, inquire about your surroundings.
  • Play sports, work physically.
  • Cultivate your relationships, hobbies.
  • Educate yourself.
  • Read, solve crosswords, train memory.
  • Watch out, if you suspect something wrong with you, solve it as soon as possible.
  • Keep joy in life, take things easy.
I added the last point as a bonus point. That may not protect you from the disease, but it certainly will improve the quality of your life . Try to look at things from the bright side. Alzheimer’s disease is a serious and unfortunately all too common. But a person who suffers from it, has no knowledge that they are ill. No wonder it is said: Happiness is simply good health and a bad memory. And when disease touches your family, try to be patient. Define rules for how you will approach such a situation at home. Love and care is needed throughout life, but there will come a time when we cannot do it without the help of our close ones.